rice planting

Water Rapids Cycling Tour

Discovery of the jungle at the water rapids

1 Day

For this tour gives the People the Opportunity to discover the Elephant Mountain, in the Morning, we cycling 8 kilometers out of town to see rice fields, famous Durian Plantation and then will trekking up to the Mountain to see Old Temple and the guide will provide about the Historical there, after that we have lunch time &s; Until 2h30PM we will trek down to the Water Rapids for Swimming and Relaxing then we Hiking though the Village to Catch the boat along Kampong Bay River to Kampot.


  • departure 8h from Kampot
  • Cycling to the Water Rapids
  • Visit of the rice fields
  • Visit of the Durian Plantation
  • Tour of the Water Rapids
  • Trekking (3h Optional)
  • Sunset River Cruise back to Kampot
  • Arrival in Kampot 6:30PM




  • Bicycles, Entrance fees and Water, Lunch
  • Sunset River Cruise
  • English speaking tour guide
  • French speaking guide (depending on availability)


FarmLink Kampot Pepper - Poivre de Kampot