Ta Prohm And Phnom Chiso

38 kilometers southeast of Phnom Penh, Tonle Bati hosts two noteworthy 12th-century temples. Ta Prohm, built by Jayavarman VII, is consecrated both to Buddha and to Brahma, and is interesting for its refined bas reliefs. Yeay Peou also features intricate bas reliefs. The temple of Phnom Chi So was built on the top of a 380-metre height mountain by the King, Sorayak Varman I dedicated to Brahmanism in early 11th century (1002-1050). On the top of the mountain, we can view the beautiful scenery of rice fields in Takeo province. Chi So mountain is the historical site of Takeo province, it has shown the ancient temple which is the cultural heritage, the civilization and the treasure of Cambodia as well as the beautiful natural scenery and other social achievement such as the pagoda of Phnom Chi So.

Phnom Chiso Phnom Chiso Phnom Chiso
Tonle Bati Tonle Bati Tonle Bati


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