Kampot town, situated on the Teuk Chhou river (also called Prek Thom river) at 5 kilometers from the sea, is the capital of Kampot province. Off the tourist track, it has the charm of a small provincial town with colonial style houses. The French called it the 'Perle de la Cote d'Agate'. Kampot is the durian growing region of Cambodia. It has the best durian of Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam, but there are plentiful of other fruits available, such as mangosteen, rambutan, mak prang, pineapple, grapefruit, custard apple and coconut. It is also the centre of the Cambodian pepper culture. Kampot’s Chamkar Mrich or pepper farms (plantations de poivre de kampot) are renowned for producing one of the world's finest peppers. If you are a fan of Tellicherry from the Malabar Coast in India, for example, you will absolutely adore these large berries. 

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